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Lasersure Thulium lasers

good recovery times, excellent cutting, vaporisation and hemostasis

Thulium – the next generation of medical lasers

Lasersure is excited to bring you the Thulium laser. Changing laser surgery for a generation.


The wavelength of the laser is around 1940nm, this allows maximum water absorption of laser light. This second generation laser has 2 times the absorption to that of the first generation. This high absorption results in a defined penetration depth in soft tissue. This means precise cutting effect, that is not affected by undesirable tissue damage which may occur in other laser methodologies.



minimal healing time

1940nm for water absorption

only 2mm cutting depth

Thulium Lasers benefit from having a wavelength at a precise peak in the water absorption scale, all lasers with a wavelength outside of this small peak will not have the benefits that the Lasersure thulium laser has.



When stimulated a crystal or a silica fiber doped with a rare metal from the Lanthanides series (Nd, Ho, Er, Tm) it emits a laser radiation in the infrared spectrum with high absorption in water.


At 1940 nm the water absorption coefficient is best for Thulium fiber laser. The amount of energy absorbed in the water in tissues and blood is increased resulting in good hemostasis vaporization and a precise cut.


At Lasersure we are developing a range of powers for a variety of markets. If you are as excited as we are by this opportunity please leave your details below, and we will contact you with developments.